Social Media Marketing

Brand Awareness

Spread the word – allow your targeted audience to know about your brand.


Bring more people to your pages and convert them to paying customers.

Improve Rankings

Let search engines push you up to help more people find your brand.

Cost Effective

Low cost advertising and specific targeted audience – better demographics.


Because it works.

Social awareness is on the rise.

Your brand is getting more exposure online than any other traditional media.

Hi, I’m Mia.

TARGET: I’m a 24 years-old female from Aventura, FL.

My friends call me “fashionista” because I love expensive branded bags.

BRAND: Louis Vuitton Aventura Mall shop: Let your product – a clutch bag, find Mia.

SMM AD: Mia – here is an amazing bag for you, at 15% off.

It’s THAT simple!

Sample Facebook Ad

Facebook is a well established platform for advertising brands and their target audience. Banners are shown as an integrated part of the social content stream. That by itself improves exposure.

With the level of engagement on the users end, Facebook learns and adjusts the exposed content to its users, allowing your brand to easily find an exact match for your product or service.

B2B Ads

A special nitch for B2B advertisers is provided by LinkedIn. This unique social network offers the best integrated ads and business content related, so your brand can find theirs.

Reach out to professionals, like yourself, growing awareness and exposing your service and/or products to fellow business owners and job seekers. LinkedIn is creating a wonderful opportunity for you to have a two way communication, by receiving comments from your audience.

Millennials - Where the big money is!

Instagram is where Generation X spends most of its time. Just like decision makers from big companies will be exposed to your business related solutions on LinkedIn, this young and restless crowd is most likely to be moved by the hype of this dynamic social platform.

We, at Fancy Goals are familiar with the challanges this network brings with it. Short tension span, Mobile limitations and location based content… just to name a few. Bring your brand to us, so we can translate it to their dynamic language.

Ads start at $80 a pop

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